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Shipping Containers for Purchase OR Hire

All containers sold by Toowoomba 1300TOWING include GST and free delivery in the Toowoomba area. Prices fluctuate weekly according to supply and demand, please complete the enquiry form below to have our current prices (valid for 14 days) emailed or faxed to you.

There are three grades of 20ft shipping containers available for sale:


Dents & Scratches


Weather & Vermin Proof

New (6mth old)

         None or few







A Grade




Delivery is usually within three working days of receipt of order.

Shipping Containers available for hire/rental are usually a refurbished grade, other grades may be available at the time of your enquiry. Toowoomba 1300TOWING only hire 20ft/regular height shipping containers. Shipping containers are only available for delivery to your address, we do not provide on-site shipping container hire. 

Rent is due weekly and payable in advance. Associated delivery and pick-up costs are not included in the weekly rental price. Delivery can usually be arranged within three days of signing a rental contract.

Shipping Container Purchase or Hire Quote

Do you want to purchase or hire?

HirePurchaseQuote for both options

Which Grade would you prefer?

New (6mth old)RefurbishedA Grade

Would you like us to organise delivery?

YesNo I will arrange my own delivery

Delivery address:

Date required:




What to consider when buying/hiring or relocating a shipping container

If the container is full you will need to know the weight of the contents;

You will need to sign a container weight declaration form and fax or scan and email it to us before the tow can be booked. We can provide you with this document;

Is the container able to be easily accessed by our tow truck? Is there anything you can move to make this easier?

Do you also need crane hire? Have you co-ordinated this?

Are there any council regulations in your area regarding the use of shipping containers?

Is there easy access to your preferred site for our truck or will you need to budget for crane hire?

Can you provide a foundation for your container to make it easier for later removal? This can save you time and money when you go to resell your container or end your hire agreement.

Will you want your shipping container moved with contents in it? If so, you will need to complete a Container weight delcaration (available from the 1300TOWING office or you can download it from the link below). More information about why you need container weight declarations can be found on the Queensland Transport website.

Container Weight Declaration Download


Download, complete and fax, email or deliver this form to our Toowoomba office BEFORE your shipping container is moved. Only applicable for shipping container relocations. This form is not required for container purchase or hire agreements.