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With a selection of tow trucks with a towing capacity ranging from 1 tonne to 30 tonnes we are able to tow and transport all types of machinery, as well as portable buildings, building equipment, earthmoving machinery, tractors, scissor lifts, knuckle booms, backhoes, cherry pickers, bob cats, track loaders, shipping containers, access equipment and lifting machinery. Our drivers are all trained and experienced in the movement of this equipment.

Machinery - before you phone us...

  • Do you know the approximate weight of the machine?
  • Does it drive at the moment?
  • Are the tyres weighted with water?
  • Is it near the road/in a driveway or is it at the back of your paddock?

Please consider that if your machine can't be easily reached with our truck you will either incur extra charges for our drivers time to move it, or you can reschedule the tow until you have arranged for enough manpower to move the item to where a tow truck can access it.