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Being towed from the scene of an Accident?

RACQ Membership DOES NOT pay for accident towing, beware of tow truck operators introducing themselves as 'RACQ Contractors' at the scene of an accident - they are not working for RACQ in this capacity. (see 'Know Your Rights at an Accident' below)

Accident towing is paid for by your insurance company if you are insured. If you are not insured, you must pay for the towing. Insurance tow pricing is government regulated, if you are insured you will be charged EXACTLY the same amount for your tow, regardless of which contractor you choose. If you are not insured you may negotiate a price with your tow truck operator.

We do work for ALL insurance companies and bill them directly, if you are insured you do not need to pay at the scene of the accident - you do need to lodge an insurance claim.

1300TOWING does not repair vehicles, beware of towing operators offering dirt cheap tows to get you into their repair shop - the cost of the repairs may be worse than paying for an honest tow!

Responsiveness: 1300TOWING prides itself on the ability to respond quickly to any accident in the region. Phones are manned 24hrs a day and key personnel are rostered to provide continuous coverage. In addition to the rostered operator, there is also a backup operator for after hours service.

We have licensed holding yards for secure storage of vehicles and equipment and all our trucks are licensed tow trucks with Queensland Transport.

Know Your Rights at an Accident

It's your business and your right

  1. RACQ membership DOES NOT pay for accident towing.
  2. RACQ DO NOT have towing contractors for accidents.
  3. RACQ breakdown contractors DO NOT represent RACQ breakdown service or RACQ insurance at an accident.
  4. It does not matter who you are insured with, any licensed towing contractor can tow a car from an accident.
  5. Accident towing is paid by your insurance company or yourself if uninsured.
  6. You have the right to have your vehicle towed where you want it to go.
  7. You have the right to your choice of repairer.